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Regional Private Sector Integration

The Private Sector Integration Plan includes two main components that bridge gaps between the private sector and the government: guidelines for establishing a Business Coordination Center (BCC) and a Business Recovery Center (BRC). The BRC focuses on integrating the private sector into the EOC and the BRC provides guidance on how to set up facilities at which businesses can receive assistance after an incident. These guidelines will assist emergency management agencies to:

  • Gain representation from a variety of private sector organizations and promote participation from different businesses—potentially competitors—within each sector
  • Encourage lasting relationships between the public and private sectors and weave together existing recovery operations for mutual benefit
  • Anticipate potential needs of the private sector, in both recovering its own operations and providing assistance to the Region.
  • Foster Regional coordination by developing plans for a Business Coordination Center (BCC). Part of an emergency operations center or joint field office, BCC operations will include a public-facing virtual dashboard for information sharing, as well as a private-sector interagency task force enhancing linkage between the private sector and the government.
  • Facilitate the development of Business Recovery Center(s), a one-stop shop for businesses to receive direction, information, and resources.

CATEX 2014 Lifeline Sectors Response Coordination Workshop & Drill

The CATEX 2014 drill was designed to test and assess regional public-private coordination and information sharing for effective private sector fleet movement in the event of a regional power outage incident. This project built on the CATEX drill conducted in the National Capitol Region RCPRG site with the electric utility sector in 2013, expanding the scope to electric, food and fuel sectors in the Northeast. A cross-sector workshop identified response "choke-points" and potential information sharing solutions, which informed development of the operations-focused drill, testing information sharing protocols with key private sector companies in the electric, food and fuel sectors, along with state and city officials in the NY-NJ-CT-PA region and FEMA Region 2 and FEMA Region 3 representatives.

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