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Collapsed Building with Debris

Regional Debris Management Plan

Following a disaster, debris can present a number of problems, particularly on public rights of way, potentially hindering other critical response and recovery operations. In the event of a large regional or local disaster, resources from across the region may be needed to assist in the post-event removal of debris from public and private properties. The Regional Debris Management Plan describes the strategic and decision-making processes needed to address all-hazards debris management planning needs. To minimize potential impacts, the Regional Debris Management Plan provides analysis, guidelines and tools for efficient and coordinated local and regional responses.

Debris Phases

Essential considerations for regional debris management planning include:

  • Assessing the current state of debris planning across the region
  • Reviewing the existing local debris management operations and emergency response plans to identify best practices
  • Identifying communication and decision-making channels for coordinated regional preparation and response
  • Making recommendations for coordinated contracting and the public assistance process

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