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Regional Mass Fatality Management (MFM) Response System Plan

The Regional Mass Fatality Management (MFM) Response System Plan integrates a variety of forensic disciplines and outline operational strategies to incorporate best practices for developing a framework to manage mass fatalities following a regional catastrophic event.

  • The Mass Fatality Management Response System Plan was finalized in the Spring of 2012 and distributed to Regional Partners and Stakeholders
  • The Regional MFM Response System Training is held yearly with the objective to determine the coordination among local, state, regional and federal entities and to socialize the Regional Plan with key stakeholders and decision-makers. To date, the Regional MFM Training has been held in Hudson County, NJ; Bergen County, NJ; Dutchess County, NY and Kings County, NY.
  • The Field Operations Guides (FOGs) focus on three specific operations established in the MFM Response System: Scene, Postmortem (Morgue), and Antemortem (Victim Information Centers) operations. They serve as tools to assist medicolegal jurisdictions in the establishment and management of MFM operations by utilizing checklists, flowcharts, and Job Action Sheets.
  • The Regional Catastrophic Assessment Team (RCAT), a team composed of regional partners, will deploy to support the local medical examiner/coroner in efforts to perform an incident assessment, request resources and personnel from the region and interagency coordination.
  • Over the past few years, the Regional System has acquired a significant cache of interoperable resources that can be shared amongst jurisdictions. Pictured here is the Decedent Decontamination/Isolation Collection Point (DDICP) and other structures from NYC, NJ and CT at the Regional MFM Training.

Essential considerations for mass fatality management planning include:

  • Identifying and synchronizing key decision points across the region
  • Ensuring the effective sharing of information, best practices, personnel, and physical assets
  • Maximizing regional and federal coordination
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