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Regional Evacuation Coordination Plan

Several products have been developed to improve on the Region’s ability to coordinate and manage evacuation efforts during large-scale incidents and events. These products have been developed through the collaboration of a diverse set of stakeholders and planning team members.

The Regional Evacuation Coordination Plan is designed as a resource to help improve the decision-making process for an evacuation by creating timelines and a framework for Regional coordination during both forewarned and no-notice scenarios.

The Waterways Transit Database Model Tool is an electronic planning tool designed to assist emergency managers in better understanding the passenger capacity of water-based transportation assets in the region during an emergency. It allows users to view data on landings and vessels, selecting origin and destination points and calculating maximum passenger throughput.

The Best Practice Tools for Evacuation Plans is a toolkit to support local, state, and Regional evacuation planning providing best practices, case studies, and actionable tools on using different modes of transportation to move at-risk populations.

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