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RCPT Training Programs

  • Online Ham Radio Training: Assists first responders in preparing for the FCC Amateur Radio Technician's Class license, which allows users to communicate using amateur radios. This condensed online training can be accessed through the RCPT's learning management system.
  • EOC Simulation - Lightning Bolt: Provides a total immersion training that puts emergency managers in the center of a catastrophic response, challenging their EOC skills. The training focuses on breaking down silos, managing resource requests and the overwhelming information burden that catastrophes bring. Players are also challenged to identify and solve problems and to take on missions that no one else wants.
  • Emergency Management Colloquium (EMC) Training Course: Includes a series of courses that integrate the core principles of emergency management and the plans and tools developed by the RCPT. Courses include:
    • 1) an online RCPT primer,
    • 2) an online EOC and Catastrophic Emergencies course,
    • 3) a classroom EOC and Catastrophic Emergencies course,
    • 4) a Justin-Time EOC training and
    • 5) an EOC Leadership Develop­ment Lab.
    These courses help to build specific skill sets for emergency managers, executives and agency representatives that will support a catastrophic response.
  • Emergency Management Catastrophic Exercise Program (EMCEP): Combines three exercise modules with three exercise scenarios for a total combination of nine possible exercise-in-a-box deliverables. Jurisdictions can mix and match their desired exercise modules with 1 of the 3 scenarios. Modules are at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. Scenarios include an IND detonation, hurricane and cyber attack. The exercise goals are focused around regional communi­cation and integration, including:
    • 1) gather together,
    • 2) get organized,
    • 3) determine first steps and
    • 4) provide status reports.
    The EMCEP will be piloted three times and will be utilizied for a full scale exercise in October 2014.
  • Training Video Series: Contains four 5-minute videos that answer key questions about the role of emergency managers and preparedness in a catastrophic response. Building off “The Essential Emergency Manager” video, released in the Fall of 2013 that helps to explain what emergency managers do and how they do it, other videos include: Unpacking the Regional Catastrophic Plans, Problem-solving in the EOC, and Integrating NGOs, CBOs, and FBOs into the emergency response.
  • CATEX 2014: Focuses on engaging the private sector, states and urban areas to promote integrated planning and partnerships. CATastrophic EXercise (CATEX) 2014, the annual exercise hosted by the East Coast Corridor Coalition, the Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group and multiple RCPGP sites, may focus on food and fuel distribution and power restoration.

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For courses being offered in your area, please visit the training and exercise pages of the following websites:

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