The NY-NJ-CT-PA Regional Catastrophic Planning Team (RCPT) offers an extensive Training Program that helps develop and grow emergency management capabilities in support of a catastrophic emergency response. The Training Program includes classroom and web-based courses as well as videos that can be accessed together or individually.

To register for training please email [email protected], indicating which course or courses you are interested in.

Emergency Management Colloquium (EMC)

A series of five courses that develop and enhance the skills of emergency managers, executives and agency representatives to better support response and recovery to a catastrophic emergency.

  • EOC and Catastrophic Emergencies is a 50-minute web-based course that describes how the EOC performs its coordination functions during catastrophic emergencies. The course is divided into six modules that introduce learners to how the EOC serves as the cornerstone for coordination.
  • Just-in-Time EOC is a 20-minute web-based course that introduces agency representatives to the EOC and its missions, their role in the EOC's operation, and how they can support the response and recovery efforts.
  • RCPT Primer is a 60-minute web-based course that catalogs the products and tools developed by the RCPT. Emergency managers can leverage these tools directly from the EOC during preparedness, response and recovery from a catastrophic emergency.
  • EOC and Catastrophic Emergencies is a full day classroom lab course that helps improve the response capabilities of emergency managers and agency representatives serving in leadership and management roles in the EOC. The course focuses on the three missions of the EOC: information management, resource management and consequence management.
  • EOC Leadership Development Lab is a full day classroom lab course that trains emergency managers on the critical leadership skills needed to effectively coordinate an emergency response from the EOC.

Disaster Logistics Training Program

The Regional Logistics Program (RLP), a component of the RCPT, has developed the Disaster Logistics Training Program. The goal of the training program is to expand the logistics capacity and capability of local EOCs throughout the country. During a disaster response a jurisdiction may not have the number of trained logisticians needed to execute effective resource management, movement control and commodity distribution operations. This training provides participants with the knowledge they need to step in and assist when they are needed most.


The RCPT has developed the five following short videos that help illustrate key concepts and ideas for a variety of stakeholders.

VideosVideos can be viewed on the home page or on the RCPT YouTube Channel

Ham Radio Training

A web-based training geared for first responders interested in taking the HAM Radio Technician Licensing Test. The training includes a series of modules and videos using existing materials from the American Radio Relay League's Amateur Radio Technician Class Element 2.

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