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Virtual Regional Operations Center (VROC)

Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) throughout the Region collect and disseminate data for a variety of different incident types. The VROC planning project should enable jurisdictions to share aggregate information without requiring vast modification of their current applications or standard operating procedures. It is intended that on conclusion of the VROC planning project, the planning team will provide guidance and recommendations to the RCPT on implementation of solution such as middleware. The best solution would allow the translation and sharing of data between regional EOCs utilizing different emergency management applications. This VROC guidance will be developed by examining how local jurisdictions gather and communicate information in response to local disasters and how core information could be collected and shared between RCPT for use in the activation and execution of the regional catastrophic plans.

Click here to see a sample VROC dashboard using components of EDXL SitRep.

Essential considerations for VROC development include:

  • Identifying key data categories necessary for situational awareness during a regional catastrophe
  • Assessing the data points generated by EOCs within the Region
  • Identifying methods by which the data from these EOCs can be shared
  • Guidance on what form the data-sharing platform of the VROC should take
  • Governance for implementing, promoting, and ensuring the sustainability of regional information sharing

Key Deliverables:

  • A simple, succinct governance document for implementing, promoting and ensuring the sustainability of regional information sharing
  • A recommendation document describing the form the data-sharing platform of the VROC should take
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